WordPress Plugin – Are You Sure?

25 Feb 2009 In: Wordpress

Here is a simple but useful plugin for WordPress that was released just a few days ago.

Named Are You Sure? , the plugin displays a confirm box every time you hit the Publish button on your WordPress Blog. Remember the time when you hit the publish button with your blog post only half done?

You surely can edit the blog posts, but there are chances that feed readers might have already pulled your feed! Why take the risk, install this free plugin and prevent yourself from posting accidentally.


  • Extremely small file size, less than 1.7 KB total.
  • Simple to use, just activate and your done.
  • Saves you from accidental posting.
  • Works on any ‘Publish’ button, including pages, posts, and quickpress.
  • Tested and Compatible with WordPress 2.7+

Visit the Plugin Page

I’m a fan of Adobe AIR and if you happen to have Adobe AIR installed then you too might like these 9 apps listed here .

Have fun!!

I Love my Job!

22 Feb 2009 In: Reblog

Loved this poem.

Will he win the best comeback line?

22 Feb 2009 In: Uncategorized

Read this courtroom conversation and decide for yourself if this officer is fit to win the best comeback line – Conversation here.

Nine awesome computer ads from the 70s and 80s

22 Feb 2009 In: Reblog

Nice computer ads from the 70s and 80s. Liked all of them ;o)

The Apple ad rocks!

View all the 9 ads here .


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