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You can register only one domain per account login. So to register more domains for this low price, sign out of your godaddy account and sign in again! Doesn’t seem to work. If anyone knows of a way to register multiple domains with this code please let us know.

Go think about some killur domain name and register it at GoDaddy for just 99 cents! It’s the lowest ever!

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Thanks @ramanujam and @santoshp

The Birth of a Super Villian

17 Feb 2009 In: Reblog

Just couldn’t stop myself from sharing this pic with all of you! Hilarious!!

Valentines Card

15 Feb 2009 In: Reblog

Now isn’t that a cute valentines card ;o)

Calvin and Hobbes – financial crisis

14 Feb 2009 In: Reblog

lolzz… this is a funny take on the current state of the economy!

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New wrap for the MacBook

14 Feb 2009 In: Reblog

Cool wrap for the MacBook isn’t it!!

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