If you’re like me.. always curious to know where a site ranks among the millions (if not billions) of websites out there then Alexa is the site for you. All you need to do is enter the name of the site and see its worldwide rankings as well as country wise rankings.

Website: www.alexa.com

For the curious you :)

Get your opinions counted

8 Jun 2008 In: Uncategorized

Ever thought to yourself that if this product had been a bit different or if it had this particular feature then it would be awesome?

Now you can do just that. Voice your opinions and you may even be rewarded for it! This isn’t the usual survey site which promises you paltry sum of money which you would never be able to encash. This site has a kind of a lucky draw where you could end up winning a few thousand rupees!!

Website: www.getcounted.net

Alexa Ranking :

World: 69,286

India: 2,967

Alright, I’m at it again! But then you can call this video a kind of a documentary from Google itself. So its kinda official video!! Now why shouldn’t I be mentioning it on my blog ;o)

There’s this beautiful lady who’s been with google for like four years and know what..she’s part of the gmail team.. the mail service from google that took the world of reading and writing emails to a different level. When you see such products you’ll be like…google must be filled with nerds to get such great products out in the market but hey… the googlers are anything but nerds!!

This video also mentions about the 20% rule at google.. Engineers here get to work on their own projects(It can be anything they want) 20% of the time!! Now ain’t that awesome?

There’s this lady who was in the team that developed the google movies concept and she says it was a result of the 20% thing!!

And hey…. Don’t you forget to check out the last person to speak about how it is to work for google… I wont tell you who the person is.. check it out yourself :)

Pssssttt…. What do you think about the shoes?

Check this out- Inside the Googleplex (Video)

7 Jun 2008 In: Google Stuff

The moment I lay my eyes on this video showing some of the googlers talk about their company, I knew it had to appear here on my blog.

In this video you get to see the FREE FOOD that Google’s known for..and boy… is it YUMMY!!!

There’s nothing thats not available inside the Googleplex. There’s pool tables, a mini kitchen, pets are allowed, gymnasiums you name it you have it!

Lalu Prasad Yadav now a Blogger!!!

4 Jun 2008 In: Uncategorized

Would you believe that!! Our very own Lalu has started blogging!! Ab toh bhaiyya blog shog mein kuch zyaada hi mazaa aayega ;o)

His first post is a lowdown on the Gujjar agitation plaguing Rajasthan and he blames Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje for it. But then, he has a point in what he says – Its a DISHAHEEN ANDOLAN (yahi kaha laluji nay)

Read the post in hindi or better still listen to it (you’ll find the option on lalu’s post). The English version doesn’t give us a hang of Lalu. It would have, had it been written in typical Lalu English.

Lalu intends to update the blog at-least twice a week, and hey, don’t forget to read some of the comments(a few of them are hilarious). Here’s one comment

ni chaudary of haryana. I am fan of you because having all instinct of politics you are having INSANIYAT in you and you care for the person who really require the protection. Respond if you see the blog.otherwise I will appreciate your presence in the political scenario of India

Update 1 : Lalu does not write the blog post himself. He speaks out his opinion about a certain topic and this recorded conversation is uploaded along with the English and Hindi posts by some other hired writer.

Check this hilarious video of LALU trying to translate a hindi poem to english.


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