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29 May 2008 In: Google Stuff

Ok, so you are a new blogger finding out ways to increase your traffic huh? I’m not writing this post claiming that I’ll show you 10 easy ways to start attracting thousands of visitors to your site (and display some testimonials of users sayin : "I did as adviced by Nischal and now I’m earining $2679 every week"). Naah.. I don’t think its that easy to attract thousands of visitors. You need to have good content and equally good patience to get some really good number of visitors to your blog.

I personally feel that search engines are one of the best ways to get visitors to your site. And what better site than google?

You might be aware of Google’s Blog Search . You can search up whats being churned out all over the blogosphere at Google Blog search. Do a search for your site and if it doesn’t turn up then click here to add your site to Google Blog Search.

Hear Google San Franciscans speak

29 May 2008 In: Google Stuff

Everything about Google fascinates me. Be it the new products they keep churning out every other day or the various doodles they put up on their homepage. There’s something about GOOGLE ;o)

So its obvious that if I lay my eyes on a video of googlers from San Francisco office sharing their views about google and making us feel like lesser mortals stuck at the wrong workplaces, I’m gonna share it with all of you.

Awesome workplace isn’t it? Would you say NO to an opportunity to work here?

I doubt that :)

But why?

29 May 2008 In: Uncategorized

No no.. I’m not gonna ask questions but you can. There’s this new site on the block which allows users to ask… BUT WHY?

I liked the concept. Simple but can be addictive. There are three tabs currently.

1. ‘But Why Board’ where you can read and put up one line questions that you always wanted to ask the world.

2. ”But Why Photos’ where you can view photos with catchy phrases asking.. yeah right.. But Why?

3. "But Why Stories" where as the name suggests, you tell a short story and ask the reader.. But Why?

Ok, I know you are all interested to check this site out… But Why ;o)


All I can say is.. FRESH HAI BHAI … ;o)

Can you digest this?

27 May 2008 In: Uncategorized

Alright , this is gonna blow the lid off of you. It seems there’s a tribe in TamilNadu which eats rats.. yeah thats right.. RATS!!

Supposedly this phenomenon has spread to the neighbouring villages where villagers have taken to this delicacy. People who have eaten this meat claim that if you eat it once, you just can’t stop the craving.

A nutritional fact is that rat meat is high on proteins. Besides, the meats available for a paltry sum of Rs. 2.5!! Ummmm… Anyone ready to experiment??

Refeeding stale bread…yuck

27 May 2008 In: Uncategorized

Ritesh Deshmukh takes his bro out shopping

It’s good to read it the first time. But it’s bad if you publish it again… But what do we say if its printed three times in the same newspaper!!! And don’t be surprised if I say it all happened with Bangalore Times!!!

Old news is like stale bread and what Bangalore Times is doing is feeding us the stale bread and then removing it out from our stomach and forcing us to eat it again…. yeah I know.. that’s grosss…

But its really frustrating to read the same news (makes me feel they are being paid to publish the same crap again and again).

Come on BT, you people are considered to be the most innovative of all the newspapers around. I thought you had a penchant for everything fresh. Stop publishing the same story again and again…Puhleeezzzeee…..


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