Cell Phone worth Rs. 4 crore!!!

26 May 2008 In: Uncategorized

Yeah you heard it right.. There’s a cell phone available out there in the market that costs a whopping Rs. 4 crore!!

There’s nothing much to tell about here. I suggest you rather go have a look yourself .

Do let me know what you think about the phones. Do you really think one should be paying so much just for a mobile phone??

Times Bloopers

26 May 2008 In: Uncategorized

I’m an avid reader of the Times of India and its the bangalore edition for me. I sometimes wonder how good these people need to be to compile so many pages of news and with minimal typos.

But hey.. I found something in one of the articles titled "Raje warns Gujjars" on page 13. There’s a line which reads "Raje claimed that the state government and administration had talked to Bainsla, a day before the agitation and he had ensured a peaceful violence ". Now I wonder what Peaceful Violence means…. ;o)

Google friend connect – its awesome!!!

23 May 2008 In: Google Stuff

If you wanna get a first hand experience of Google friend connect then check it out at Ingrid’s site. All you need to do is click on "sign in" found at the top of the site and enter your google account username and password. Then you can link your Gtalk and orkut account. They claim hi5 ‘s coming soon and display faceBook as being disabled (Facebook seems to have disabled access citing some privacy issues).

Now the wonderful thing about google connect is that if you happen to visit some great site and like it so much that if you do not tell your friends about it then you’re gonna have a stomach ache, then save your self from it…..invite your friends to check out the site, all at the click of a button.

The whole idea of google connect is that from now on every site becomes your social site. You are always logged into your social network and hence connected to all your friends.

Web site owners and particularly bloggers have something to rejoice!! If there’s some awesome blog post that you come across… All you need to do is simply use google friend connect ;o)

The chinese say google isn’t God!

20 May 2008 In: Uncategorized

Ok, so you thought Google was God huh!! Well, you may be right upto a certain point but the chinese think otherwise. What else explains the No. 2 status that google has here!!

Curious to know who’s the leader in search in China… Well, it’s a site by the name of Baidu . It beats google hands down in China when it comes to searches.

I’m waiting for something of that sort to happen here in India when a local search engine (Read Desi search engine) beats google at it’s own game ;o)

There are quiet a few already out there trying to fight this Goliath called Google like Guruji.com and asklaila.com (its a local search engine of a different kind though) but no one has yet been effectively able to challenge Google’s legacy.

The problem with every search engine is that at the end of the day they all end up looking like google clones. Lets all hope that we soon get to see a refreshingly new type of search engine. A birdie told me that there are already a few sites which are completely different with respect to the ‘Look and Feel’ part. I’ll keep you posted on that.

There’s something refreshing on its way for all you facebook users. Facebook developers are hard at work giving (may be) the final touches to the new and improved Profiles Preview Page.

You can view the new Profiles preview page here .

Now thats one more reason added to the existing zillions answering "why you should be on facebook" :)


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