Vodafone (India) has slashed roaming rates on all networks other than Airtel !!!

It seems they haven’t got any authorization yet from Airtel to offer these charges to their customers when they use the Airtel network while roaming. So what this effectively means is that suppose you(Vodafone customer) go out of town and are on an Airtel network while roaming, the old call charges would apply to you. The same holds true the other way round i.e. Airtel subscribers roaming on Vodafone netwrok.

So until these two telecom giants sort out the issue, you would be able to enjoy Re. 1 incoming, Re.1 outgoing(local) and Re. 1.5 outgoing (STD) while roaming only if you happen to use either their own network or of some other operator.

Speaking of vodafone and airtel, have you ever tried the link www.airtel.com ? Type it in your browser and check what happens :)

Google makes Gmail faster

19 May 2008 In: Google Stuff

Yup, you heard it right. As if the previous speed of gmail wasn’t enough, google has just made gmail faster than ever, or so they claim in the gmail blog .

I’m a gmail user myself and I guess the change in speed is noticeable.

What they have done this time to speed up gmail is that they have tried to reduce the number of HTTP requests that are made to the server once you click the "sign in" button. According to the tech lead of gmail performance, who wrote the blog post announcing the increase in speed by around 20%, gmail previously made 14 to 24 HTTP requests whereas now it only takes 4 requests to do the job!!!

Great going guys. Sometimes it really makes me feel proud to be a GMAIL user :)

Have trouble reading tiny letters online?

15 May 2008 In: Uncategorized

A lot of times we come across sites with tiny fonts. It’s unnerving at times to read such tiny fonts. So what do you do to put yourself at ease?

Just press and hold the ‘Ctrl’ key of your keyboard and use the mouse scroll to zoom in and zoom out!

Try it out right now :)

Thank you WordPress!

15 May 2008 In: Blog Stuff

Alright, this post’s dedicated to wordpress and all those wonderful people involved in the development who make life for bloggers like us a lot easier than it would have been without them.

For all of you who do not know what wordpress is, here’s a little gyaan.

WordPress is an open source blogging software which is available for anyone to use! What that means is that if you have this irresistible urge to start your own blog, then wordpress is the right thing for you.

This blog that you’re reading right now is also based on wordpress. So if you happen to own your own domain name and hosting space, then all you need to do is install wordpress and choose from the thousands of free themes available and start blogging!

For those of you who want to start a blog without spending a dime, there’s wordpress.com .

Register a blog at wordpress.com for free and start blogging instantly. Trust me it’s easier than boiling eggs :)

What do I say? 9 on 10 (Don’t think. Just get it.)

free software

free blog

Mozilla plugin – PicLens

12 May 2008 In: Mozilla Firefox Plugins

My first post!! I thought I would start by helping my readers know about this super cool plugin to view pics online. Its called pic lens. I’ll bet you haven’t seen anything like this and won’t be seeing one for sometime to come. The ease with which you can sift through photos is just plain amazing! Reminds me of the iPhone interface.

My verdict : 8 on 10 (Go get it)



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