This is something that a lot of us don’t look into closely.

Go to the address bar of your browser and type your blogs address. Once with WWW in it and second time without WWW .

Example : Type and then

In an ideal scenario should do a 301 redirect (meaning moved permanently) to

Why is this necessary?

Well, search engines won’t be able to understand otherwise that and are one and the same site!

You can either have non-WWW redirect to WWW or the other way round.

I chose non-WWW to WWW simply because Google does the same ;o)

What You Can Do

1. Check the type of redirect (if any) here

2. If there is no 301 Moved Permanently then read further

3. Copy paste the below code to your .htaccess file

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www.*$

RewriteRule (.*) http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]

Read This post for more details. I got the above code from the same site.

Hope you now have a 301 redirect to one of the URL types.


24 Jan 2009 In: Free Softwares and Tools, Google Stuff

LeapFish is a meta search engine. By meta search, we mean search engines that use services from other search engine providers to display results.

meta search engine

So whats great you ask eh?

I’m not a big fan of such meta searchers but LeapFish looks a lot better and more appealing than the hundreds of met search engines out there.

The clean interface coupled with the entire site being AJAXy, makes it so much easier to search multiple search engines.

The ease with which you can search not only the regular search results, but from blogs, images, news and videos makes LeapFish an indispensable site.

For all you lazy people, check out the sites pagination. The moment you click on the page number to go to the next page, the site automatically gets you to the top of the page! Sweet isn’t it?

Trust me, this is one meta search engine that is not going to be irritating to use.

If you do not like the AJAXy feel, you also have the option to switch over to a more traditional approach to search, although I prefer the AJAXy one.

Do give LeapFish a spin and let me know if you like it ;o)

P.S. I just made LeapFish my homepage!


20 Jan 2009 In: Uncategorized

MelZoo is a search engine with a completely different take on the search result layout .

The result screen is divided into 2 parts with the left side displaying the search results and the right side displaying the preview of the site on which you hover your mouse pointer.

serach engine MelZoo

Apart from the different User Interface design, I found the search results delivered by MelZoo to be appropriate too.

It won’t be a Google Killer, but MelZoo will definitely find a lot of dedicated followers due to the fact that you need not leave your search page to see the websites listed.

Gmail Labs has introduced a new button Send & Archive .

When you reply to a mail, you get the option to Archive the conversation at the click of a single button.

The big question is, How many will actually find this useful!?

Having separate Send and Archive buttons gives you the flexibility to not archive a particular conversation in case you deem it fit to stay in the inbox. However, the Send & Archive button would take away this option completely thus forcing you to archive conversations every time you send a reply.

I guess this will be one of those features which will stay as a Labs feature forever!

Also please note that the undo feature has yet to be implemented for this button.

Source: Gmail Blog

Set Password for Outlook folders

9 Jan 2009 In: Tips & Tricks

If you want to prevent other users of your PC from viewing your mails in Outlook then you can easily do so by setting a password for your outlook folders.

  • From the menu options at the top, Select Go
  • Click Folder List .
  • Right-click the Personal Folders folder and then click Properties For Personal Folders .
  • On the General tab, click on the Advanced button.
  • Click Change Password .
  • Since this is the first time you are setting a password for your outlook folders, leave the Old Password field blank. Enter the password you want to set in the New Password and Verify Password fields.
  • There is an option Save this password . If you select it, then outlook will save the password and not prompt you for it again. I guess the reason why you want to set the password is to prevent other users from accessing your mails in outlook. So deselect this option. If you deselect the option then every time outlook is started, a password prompt appears.
  • Click OK three times.


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