Well, THE ME decided to buy a computer table. Went to a shop near my house. Asked the cost -  "Thausand Tree Handred" that’s what the shopkeeper said. Inquired with a friend and he said that’s too much for a computer table, you’ll get it cheaper at Shivaji Nagar (Well, for the uninitiated I stay in Bangalore)

Off went me with my roomie on my bike (a Pulsar 200, boy I love revving it up) to buy the SASTA table. I reach this relatively empty stretch of road and start revving the bike… 40… 50…. 54 STOP! (Whistles, traffic cops all over). A few more bikes were already stopped before mine. OK big deal I said to myself. Must be a regular check. But wait. Does anything ever go smooth in life? At least not in my case. There’s this speaker attached to the cops jeep which blurts out "Over Speeding. Speed 54 KMPH" .. 54 KMPH!!! can you believe that! Caught for over speeding (never knew they caught you for over speeding till today.. seems like the speed limit is 40kmph!) and even if they did.. dude!! 54kmph on an empty stretch! prrrrkkkk…. a ticket is cut… Rs. 300 fine!

OK.. so before buying the table, the investments start!  With a heavy heart me and my roomie set on our mission to buy the SASTA table. But hey.. don’t you know your stomach grumbles when its lunch time? Our’s did too. Had delicious food at a restaurant. Bill Rs.380.. My share Rs. 190

Went around the place searching for a table. Found one.. liked it. Cost – ONE THAUSAND. Naa.. bargained.. got it for 700.

The shopkeeper says transporting the table to my place would cost 300! You think I would let that happen? My brains work at the speed of light to do some calculations and I conclude.. Will take it on my bike (My roomie almost faints at the idea) Nevertheless.. I win.

The people of bangalore (Living in the Shivajinagar to Sanjay Nagar stretch ) got to see 2 smart asses on a bike with a computer table! Was one hell of a ride back home (If you leave aside the constant banging of the table against the back of my helmet and against my roomies poor nose..hehehe)

But, we made it ;o) . Yeah, the computer tables right here.. this is my first post after I bought the table. Blogging on it proudly and feeling good about the RIGHT decisions I take in life.

Cost of table at a shop near my place = Rs. 1300

Cost of table for a smart shopper like me = Rs. 700 + Rs. 300 + Rs. 180

Still worked out cheap ;o)

Besides, cost of seeing 2 techies on a bike with a computer table.. Priceless ;o)

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