Pownce can be called as one of the many twitter clones that came about when twitter mania hit the web.

But Pownce surprisingly was a lot better than most of the clones. It’s a pity it’s shutting down.

Pownce shutting down

In times to come, I guess a lot more twitter clones will shut down. I don’t think the world needs more than a handful of twitter clones.

There are a few reason’s for this :

  1. It’s a tough job finding the perfect monetization for such sites.
  2. People who are already on twitter are reluctant to move on to another site. This is obvious since most of their friends are on twitter.
  3. Since most of their friends are on twitter, they invite the others who aren’t already, to join twitter.

So, it’s a vicious circle which benefits twitter and harms all the twitter clones.

Pownce is shutting down on December 15, 2008. New registrations have been stopped altogether.

Let’s take it. Until and unless something really refreshing and exciting comes along, the clones which only do what twitter already does, will never survive!

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