OK, lets not dive into the bollywood aping hollywood debate for now. A time will come when it’ll be the other way round (be optimistic).

News is that Shah Rukh Khan will get to do an Indiana Jones in Santosh Sivan’s next movie. Shah Rukh and Sivan last worked together some 7 years ago for Shah Rukh’s home production Asoka . The movie did not do well but Sivan’s cinematography was widely acclaimed.

Sivan wanted to make an adventurous film with a bit of romance(how can a bollywood film not have romance) and comedy in it while Shah Rukh Khan was on the lookout for an all packed action adventure movie. So, Jab they met, sparks flew, their eyes glittered n they.. well.. ummm… decided to work together ;o)

Sivan’s planning to rope in John Abraham too for this movie. So if all goes well then we would be able to see Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham team up in this fantasy-adventure flick.

Nothing concrete about the movie has come out yet. Sivan and company are still working out the script. It’s going to be a big budget movie no doubt. I’ll keep you people posted as and when I get more information on this one.

Sivan’s currently busy with his upcoming movie which is set to release on 5th of September named Tahaan which is about a boy named Tahaan and his love for his donkey named Birbal. Watch out for Tahaan’s adventures and his pursuit to reunite with his donkey, Birbal.

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