What do you do if you need some cool icons for your website or blog and do not have the skill or time to make one of your own?

Dead simple, head right away to one of the three icon search engines listed below. Not only are they cool and accurate, they also give you information on the type of licence the icon is associated with, so that, no one comes after your blood in the name of plagiarism.


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Not only did iconlet return the most number of results for some of the search terms that I used to compare the three sites, it also had the most relevant ones. The ‘Advanced Search’ feature on the site can be quite helpful at times.


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IconFinder takes the cake for being the cutest of them all ;o) You’ll love the interface coupled with relevant results.


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A bit tacky in the design part, but what particularly interested me was the ease with which I could select what icon size I needed. Makes my job a little more easier when it comes to the icon image size.

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