Twi5 profiles all the best twitter applications and tools that are being developed by developers around the world. Really, hasn’t twitter helped developers come out in the open, interact directly with people who use their apps?

Twitter is a blessing in disguise for the developer community.

I’ve been a twitter user for quite some time now and my twitter handle is @NischalShetty . Like other twitter users, I too love the various twitter apps out there. The idea of twi5 emerged when I needed a twitter app that I had previously used but couldn’t remember the name.

Of course, as you might be thinking, I too went in for a Google search. But damn! I could find the app only on the 3rd page! This got me thinking. Since twitter would be growing by the day, so will the apps being developed. It would be virtually impossible to search for a particular twitter app using google.

Thus twi5 was born! The next time you want to know of a twitter app that helps you unfollow twitter users who do not follow you or an app that would help you get email alerts for search terms on twitter search or if you are a new twitter user and want to know the coolest Adobe AIR apps for twitter , is the place to be.

twitter applications and tools for a better twitter experience

I hope you like twi5. Please help me spread the word about it. If you’re on twitter, tweet about it. Write a blog post. Anything! I would be grateful to you ;o)

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Disclaimer : I own and run . I wanted all of you to know whats keeping me busy these days! Besides, if you are on twitter, you shouldn’t miss twi5 ;o)

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