Vodafone (India) has slashed roaming rates on all networks other than Airtel !!!

It seems they haven’t got any authorization yet from Airtel to offer these charges to their customers when they use the Airtel network while roaming. So what this effectively means is that suppose you(Vodafone customer) go out of town and are on an Airtel network while roaming, the old call charges would apply to you. The same holds true the other way round i.e. Airtel subscribers roaming on Vodafone netwrok.

So until these two telecom giants sort out the issue, you would be able to enjoy Re. 1 incoming, Re.1 outgoing(local) and Re. 1.5 outgoing (STD) while roaming only if you happen to use either their own network or of some other operator.

Speaking of vodafone and airtel, have you ever tried the link www.airtel.com ? Type it in your browser and check what happens :)

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